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Who we are

Global Agriculture Training & Internship (GATI) Institute works for agricultural students, graduates & farmers.

We found that all other sectors of the Indian economy are growing very fast, but comparatively, the most important agricultural sector is growing very slowly. In India, almost 60% of people still depend on the agriculture sector and use all traditional methods and practices for farming. By keeping all the above things in mind, we started working on the basic roots of development by educating future young farmers (current agricultural students).

Our aim is to make agricultural students self-sufficient with the help of our world-class training programs. We think that agriculture graduates should study current advanced agriculture in the world, mainly in dairy farming, poultry farming, and horticulture. For this, we provide internships and training facilities for students in many advanced countries of the world. So that these students will go there and learn modern agricultural technologies there along with practical work.

To be counted among the most pioneering, innovative and practical-skilled based agricultural internship & training institutes in the world.


Facilitating the Acquisition of Practical and Technical skills through international internships & training in all agricultural sectors.


Provide the most effective support and services to agricultural students for practicing Global Agriculture Training & Internships and enable them to be economically independent as young & modern farmers.

Unpaid Short Duration International Internships & Training

21+ Countries, 12+ Agriculture Course, 7+ Partner Companies, 45+ College’s